Thursday, March 15, 2007

Land of the red mud!!


Friday, February 9, 2007

Home and away!

In spite of being a 22yr old, I stay with my parents in my dear little home. Have been living like this, in this protected environment rite from day one. Have been through school, two colleges and now my job, but none of these things made me have to go away from home! Well… lucky?? That’s subject to opinion, and situation.

I’ve got friends, colleagues and acquaintances that’ve been staying away since ages of 17 and 18.

Some of them think I’m damn lucky! Well I do get hot food everyday! These ppl: some eat out each day, making them sick of outside food and sometimes literally sick! Others have to deal with a cook, who might even leave worms n pests in the food.

A good friend of mine has to go thru silly things like a roomie totally trying to live on this fellow’s earnings. He notices petty amounts like 10 or 20 bucks disappearing from his drawer every now n then. Even the expensive shampoo he bought had to be properly hidden somewhere, as he was sure it wud get totally done with before he himself got to do the honors of using it.

Two of my colleagues and fellow female gossip mongers, live with a third female in a shared apartment. They go thru a lot of nagging n bickering by her, along with buttering of any third party associated with them in order to turn everyone against her 2 roommates cum absolute enemies. Its proper strategical vamp behavior seen only in saas-bahu serials, which they experience in her case.

But there’s a lot of other stuff like, them getting to stay out late n turn up at absolutely any hour which people like us staying with parents can’t think of doing! So when its party time, it’s their time!!!
And I do envy the fun time these people have, even at home!

But lets not forget how warm and cozy it feels, to have mom welcoming u home after a long day!! 

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Beginning

It’s been really long since the thought of blogging first came to my mind. Didn’t really consider it seriously then. But the constant talking that my head does with me finally made me do this. And believe me, I’m glad!!
It feels very good to be able to put my thoughts down. Give them an outlet of sorts! Coz there’s nobody in this world brave and strong enough to be able to deal with my constant yapping. J
So for an intro: I am Aabha. Plain, simple Aabha. J
A 22 yr old just out from an engineering college (6 months back actually!) like many others. Rite now I’m working at a software company. And thanks to that, as you can very well see, I’ve kind of got a lot of time on my hands!
My interests are different. Weird for some, too childish for some. But, that’s me!
I love solving jigsaw puzzles. Can do them all day! Will go bonkers doing those someday. But they kind of also help me concentrate better. Not that I do them for that. He he…
I love sketching n painting all kinds of things. From paper to fabric to wood n glass, I’ve done it all!!! Creative stuff involving colors n all gives me a great feeling.
Computer games!! Hmm hmm….. but only those involving either racing or killing. I am not a destructive person by nature, but somehow these games are damn good.
I am also a big fan of animation movies and soft music.

I have a different kind of sense of humor. Or at least that’s what people say.
I refuse to laugh at silly jokes (ppl don’t like that).

I am a revolutionary kind of person. Well not exactly revolutionary…. but I believe in doing my thing. Can’t usually do things just because they have to be done, or because that’s what people do! I do have to give in at certain times. But that’s rare!

I am not an atheist. But not very religious either.
I visit temples sometimes, coz they feel good. I celebrate festivals in full swing, coz they’re fun! I pray, coz it’s relaxing.

My favorite people in the world are my parents. They are simply the best!!
My mom is my best friend. She knows me inside out. We do fight a lot though!! He he…
My family is a blessing! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of them!!

My friends!! Well well.. they are like a whole range of personalities. From shy introverts to excessive extroverts, I’ve got them all. Some irritating, some very sweet, some loyal, some traitors!

So that’s me, in a nutshell (how cliché!). lot more to tell. But cant make my first blog huger than this!!